1st Carlisle Venturer Company


The Venturer program is all about challenge. From start to finish, the youth members run the program almost entirely. Youth will have the opportunity to plan and execute activities that reflect their own personal and group interests.

Venturers is a level of Scouting for young men and women ages 14-17.  No previous Scouting or Guiding experience is needed. In Venturers, the sky is the limit! Plus, Venturers get the opportunity to "try on" different exciting career options through their activities. 

Each company has an executive consisting of at least a chair, a vice-chair, a secretary and a treasurer. The executive is responsible for the majority of the planning. Each company has an advisor (sort of like a leader), who makes sure that your event will run smoothly by offering advice and suggestions.


If you have more questions about our Venturer program, please feel free to email us.