Cub Car Races and Camp

Posted by Kim on February 10, 2010 at 5:22 PM

Hey Everyone,

The past weekend we had our 1st Carlisle All-Section Camp which lots of you came to. It was cold outside but we were all pretty toasty warm inside our lodge. Activities seemed to be a pretty big hit during the afternoon, and we ended the night with a camp fire. 

We still have some Lost and Found items left to be claimed. Most of them I believe uniforms. If your missing anything please come see us.


Last night we had our Cub Car races. I don't remember all the 1st 2ed and 3ed place winners but good job to everyone. 

All the cars seemed to be speeding pretty fast down that track.

Now you've got 2 weeks to fix up your car before we have the big competition. We'll needs name in soon so please email immidiately if your planning on going to race your car.

Great Job Everyone. :D


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